Product: 1115882

Supplier Part Number: 246051

Part Description: Baxi 246051 Kit Fan Small



Product Information: The fan is the device that introduces fresh air in to the combustion chamber, allowing the gas to be burnt correctly. It also extracts the burnt gas after the combustion process is complete. The boiler has safety parameters in place to make sure no gas can be passed through to the main burner if the fan is not functioning correctly.

This part is present in 11 different boilers in the Baxi range including the Baxi SOLO 3 PF SYSTEM , SOLO 3 PFL , SOLO 3 PFL SYSTEM , SOLO 3 PF , SOLO 3 PF SYSTEM . In the next tab there is an appliance grid with links to all boilers that contain this part, Please use this if you would like to view all other spares that fit that model and download the user manual for that appliance. If none of these models match the appliance you have, please contact us before ordering so we can confirm this part is compatible.

We recommend that all parts are fitted by a fully qualified gas safe certified technician. If you require any help locating a part, please feel free to contact us. Collectively we have over 200 years of boiler spares knowledge and distribution experience and our friendly call centre staff will be happy to help you with any query you may have


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