Daikin Wall Hung 24KW Condensing Boiler Only


Daikin Wall Hung 24KW Condensing Boiler Only


  • Available 24, 28 & 35KW models.
  • High modulation range of 1:8, modulates down to 2.8KW.
  • Suitable for all installations, with inbuilt LPG conversion kit.
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The DAIKIN group is to launch a new generation of condensing boilers incorporating DAIKIN’s innovative product development principles. The new range of three boilers offer householders even more compact, efficient heating and hot water, using gas, solar and oil energy sources from this summer.

The first gas-fired condensing wall mounted unit developed by a manufacturer, the DAIKIN Group’s D2CND, allows easier retrofit of combi-boilers in homes seeking a greater level of energy.

Efficiency Weighing just 27 kilograms, it is particularly easy to install. The system’s flexibly is owed to the unit’s compact dimensions and easy to maintain components, which are accessible from the front.

The wall mounted gas condensing boiler has state-of-the-art control technology. Equipped with the DAIKIN eye, the system has inbuilt user intuitiveness, automatically responding to occupant presence. Optionally the control can be operated remotely on-line via a smartphone or on-line.

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